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title. the living end (anti) interactive video installation

date. 2017

role. lead developer



a video installation that dissolves the subject-object divide between the film and the viewer

the living end is an "anti-interactive" film made with the support of cornell tech as part of the backslash art fellowship.


the film’s narrator is a beautiful woman who is an imaginative representation of anna kavan, an obscure avant garde british writer. she is confined within a glowing enclosure in the negative space of the blank computer screen. she tells the story of the events of her life outside the enclosure, and how she ended up enclosed. neither self pitying nor weak, she is like any person explaining their own complex attitude towards their own reality.


sensors in the gallery monitor biological data of visitors as they respond to the experience. this feedback subtly influences the narrator’s demeanor, but does not change the trajectory of her narrative. she is not for us to change.

matthew weinstein | artist

alap parikh | lead developer

brandon plaster | lead developer

seth gertsacov | animation


2017, orlando museum of art

2017, johnson museum of art


2017, "at OMA, matthew weinstein's art is watching you", orlando sentinel

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