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title. onebook mixed reality interactive book

date. 2016

role. co-founder and lead developer


onebook is a paper book on which any digital content can be experienced with a mixed reality device


books offer a physical experience that screens can never replicate, but their stories are bound to their pages. onebook, in many ways, is just like any other book. on its cover it shows you the story you’re reading. its pages turn just like any other book. it bridges the pleasure of the physical and the endless possibility of the digital.


but the wonderful thing about it is that when you’re done with your story, you don’t have to be finished with onebook. turn to its cover, swipe, and a new story awaits. A story filled with the images and text we’ve grown to love, and a new kind of story, not bound to the physical world, with support for 3D content, audio, and interactions, allowing for the creation of stories that we’ve only begun to imagine.

alap parikh | co-founder and lead deveeloper

brandon plaster | co-founder and lead developer

exhibitions and talks.

2016, exploring future reality, nyc media lab

2016, entrepreneurial journalism demo night, cuny graduate school of journalism

2016, ny tech day

2016, this is reality, aol


2016, "5 standout startups from techday", mediapost

2016, "onebook to rule them all: a cornell tech startup brings mixed reality to reading", cornell tech

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