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title. everywhen room-scale virtual reality experience

date. 2018 - ongoing

role. lead artist and developer



a speculative room-scale vr experience that transports the participant to a tidally locked world where space and time are deeply intertwined

imagine a constant sun directly overhead.

unmoving, neither rising nor setting, no respite from heat and no escape from being burned.


or a still sunset.

beautiful but permanent, the beauty not quite beautiful because this is the only way it has ever existed.


or a perennial darkness.

cold and windy, no anticipated light, night never giving way to day.

a visit to everywhen will harbour contemplation and discovery, participation and surprise. it may behave as a mirror for you in the same way as it does for us.


you will enter a speculative virtual reality installation transporting you to this world: to feel what it might be like for time to speed up, to slow down, to bend.

and to listen for echoes from the past and future.

alap parikh | lead artist and developer, co-director

sultan barodawala | lead artist and visual designer, co-director

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