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title. eclipse multi-user virtual reality performance

date. 2020

role. technical artist and developer


two actors bring alless and lena, two completely different entities, to life in a live vr performance


eclipse offers an antidote in the form of a virtual reality universe that raises fundamental, existential questions. alless and lena are both moving around in this universe, but at such different levels of consciousness that they can’t actually see each other—all they can find are traces of each other’s presence. but by following and analyzing these traces, they can decode the thoughts and feelings of “the other.”

two actors bring alless and lena to life in a live vr performance that gives a new and radical meaning to diversity: here, “the other” isn’t a variation on our self—it exists in an entirely different reality. the accompanying website serves as a manual that complements the vr environment. its as yet undiscovered features generate the story.

ali eslami | artist, developer, producer

shahin entezami | sound design and music

mathilde renault | co-director

alap parikh | technical artist and developer

maisa imamovic | web artist

barthelemy vielle | graphic design

rein blank | 3d artist

jason mohaaghegh | advisor


2021, tetem, netherlands

2020, world premiere: do {not} touch, idfa doclab competition for immersive non-fiction.

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