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Alap Parikh is an artist, director, and developer focusing on immersive experiences. Over the past few years he has striven to bridge gaps and dissolve boundaries between the orthodox categories of art and expertise. He is fascinated by the creation of stories that explore the peculiarities of reality and human perception, and the re-interpretation of narrative in participatory mediums of art.

Alap studied Media and Information Systems at Cornell Tech, New York City. His work as a developer and technical director has been shown at museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, Orlando Museum of Art and Johnson Museum of Art, as well as been shown at festivals around the world including Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes and CPH:Dox. It has also won awards at Ciclope Festival and Comm Arts Interactive, and been nominated for Cannes Lion Innovation, Webby and Future of Storytelling Awards.

Alap is based in Goa and Mumbai, India.

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